18 Signs You and Your Partner Need Couples Counseling Now​

Couple During Counseling

Is your relationship in need of a repair or tune-up? If so, talking to a couples counselor usually helps. A couples therapist is an objective third party who serves as a mediator. This type of intervention can help to reduce conflicts in your relationship as you gain a better understanding of your responses and behaviors.

The difference between Pyschoanalytical and Pyschodynamic Approaches

Pyschodynamic vs Pyschoanalytical

What are Pyschoanalytical and Pyschodynamic Approaches? The key name associated with Psychoanalytical and Psychodynamic approaches is Sigmund Freud.  The term psychoanalytical usually refers to a system that is strictly Freudian or extremely close to Freudian (Day, 2007).  Sigmund Freud believed that there were five initial stages every child goes through according to their ages.  The […]

Gestalt Therapy and Approaches

Gestalt Therapy and Approaches: A Brief Review In this brief review of Gestalt Therapy the topics discussed are, essential concepts, the therapeutic process, the techniques, the uses of the therapy, and some critiques.  Firstly it’s important to understand, Gestalt Therapy is rooted in the belief that people have problems, because they are lacking and in […]