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Rated 5 out of 5
February 1, 2023

Megan is an exemplary therapist who goes above and beyond to provide her clients with the best care possible. She has a remarkable ability to recall details of their conversations, offering tailored advice that reinforces personal growth along every step of the journey. Her empathetic nature inspires others: I highly recommend Megan for anyone considering couples therapy – she really leaves no stone unturned!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 31, 2023

My daughter was once struggling to cope with the debilitating effects of anxiety, taking away her ability to live life as she should have. That’s when we found Mrs Megan – a kind and sweet woman who provided my daughter with the support and guidance needed for her journey back towards contentment. My little girl can now confidently handle most things that would have been overwhelming in the past, truly bringing joy into our lives where it seemed lost until recently! We owe so much gratitude to Mrs Megan: thank you from us both for giving my child an opportunity at fulfilling happiness again

Rated 5 out of 5
January 30, 2023

Meeting Megan has been a breath of fresh air! She’s incredibly empathetic and disarmingly honest, always able to talk through whatever tough situation I’m facing without any judgment or pressure. With her help I have been able to understand my problem in an encouraging environment – what more could you ask for?

Lindsay R.

Professional Testimonials and Reviews

of Megan Corrieri - Northstar Counseling's Founder

Frank F. Weber
Expert Clinical Psychologist

Megan’s greatest quality is her ability to relate to and work with others. Megan was very well liked by her clients and my entire staff. She works very hard, is dependable and has perfect boundaries with her clients. She is truly an asset to any professional environment she is a part of.

Frank Weber is a highly skilled forensic psychologist specializing in homicide, sexual assault and domestic abuse cases. He is highly regarded as the best criminal psychologist in all of Minnesota.

Dr. Dave Smith

Megan does an exceptional job working with Teenagers. Her straightforward approach allows people to open up to her and feel comfortable. She connects with both children and adults very quickly. Which makes her therapeutic approach very efficient and effective. I know our practice misses her.

Dr. Dave Smith is a highly regarded Doctor of Sartell Pediatrics P.A.. Dr. Smith has been a practicing physician for over 17 years and is highly respected among his peers and patients. To learn more about Dr. Dave Smith and his clinic. Please see the link below.


Dr. Kimberly Christensen
Licensed Psychologist

Mrs Megan Corrieri quickly establishes strong working relationships with not only her colleagues, but also her clients, through her solid rapport building skills, warm presence, reliability, genuineness, and authentic straightforward communication. She was highly respected by her clients and colleagues because of her collaborative approach.

Dr Christensen is a highly skilled counseling psychologist specializing in individual therapy for children aged 6-22.

Dr. Monica Beumer
Licensed Psychologist

As a Psychologist, I have been priviledged to have had a professional relationship with Ms. Corrieri. She was known for her high ethical standards and unmatched moral conduct. Given her excellent clinical skills, she was in high demand as a therapist. Ms. Corrieri is a compassionate and kind woman. The best description of her personality would be “effervescent”.

Dr. Dave Smith is a highly regarded Doctor of Sartell Pediatrics P.A.. Dr. Smith has been a practicing physician for over 17 years and is highly respected among his peers and patients. To learn more about Dr. Dave Smith and his clinic. Please see the link below.

Dr. Elizabeth Flynn
Licensed Psychologist

Mrs. Corrieri is someone who I often sought out for advice. Her compassion for clients enabled them to make significant changes to their behaviors.
She is a highly respected clinician among patients and clinicians alike.

Dr. Flynn, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist, has extension experience working with adults and adolescents of all ages facing a wide range of mental health issues. She worked with Megan Corrieri for a number of years as a colleague and friend. 

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