About Megan Corrieri MS, LPC

Therapist | Counselor | Founder

Megan Corrieri graduated in 2009 from St. Cloud State University in MN with a Master of Science Degree in Mental Health Counseling and obtained her National Counselor Certification the same year.  She has years of experience in providing counseling and therapeutic services for individuals, couples, families and groups.


M.S. (Clinical Mental Health Counseling)
Master of Science degree


6 Educational Years
15+ Years as a Mental Health Therapist | Counselor

Licenses | Accredidations

NCC (Nationally Certified Counselor)

CBT Certified (Cognitive Behavioral Therapist)

DBT Certified (Dialectical Behavior Therapist)

ADHD-CCSP (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Certified Services Provider)

LPCC (MN Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor)

LPC (TX Licensed Professional Counselor)

North Texas PLLC

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About Megan Corrieri's Counseling & Therapy Services Offered

Depression can take form in many ways. Whether you are suffering from circumstantial, clinical or postpartum depression, talking to someone is the best thing you can do to work through it.

Addiction these days extend beyond behavioral, drug and alcohol, and pornography. In my experience they are a result of underlying issues. We can explore this together and find ways to address those issues in a healthy way.

Family Issues

Family counseling can consist of anything involving parental alienation to pregnancy issues. I also help counsel blended families to understand each others boundaries and grow their communication together through simple tools.

Grief & Loss

Death, loss, divorce and many other forms of grief can be overwhelming for most people. Not everyone understands, but I do. I can be your counselor and provide you with the tools needed to help you navigate through this challenging time.

Couples & Marriage Counseling

I have counseled many individuals and couples, no matter their gender, through issues like infidelity & affairs, intimacy, divorce and dating issues. I also take this experience and apply it to my premarital counseling. This sets up marriages to stand the test of time. I would love to help you find your happiness.

I have helped many children & adults recover from abuse. I have an extensive background in the recovery process of those suffering from emotional, sexual, physical or spousal abuse. I have also helped many overcome their PTSD.

Anxiety can take form through either a disorder or be circumstantial. I help people focus on their stress management, general anxiety issues, dealing with ocd and panic attacks.

Life transitions can be very challenging. Whether you are overcoming new hurdles relating to being a new parent or a new job. Many people find it helpful in counseling to work through these changes with someone of experience.

Sex & Sexuality Counseling

I have extensively covered everything from puberty and health counseling to sex therapy, sexual abuse recovery and offender treatment. I worked in this field directly for almost a full decade. In fact there are 3 reviews from other clinicians and the clinic’s owner on my home page as it relates to my counseling and treatment styles regarding this specifically.

Adolescence & Teens

I previously worked at a pediatric clinic as a mental health provider  counseling children and teens. I know the issues they face today. I can help them navigate any issue they are encountering such as bullying, anger mangement, anxiety, low self esteem and more. I have the skillset to authentically gain their trust and offer counseling in an environment where they can make meaningful lifelong changes.

Gender Issues

Having been a sex therapist for nearly a decade. Sexual orientation & gender dysphoria is something I am well versed in. I take great pride in creating an environment where each individual can come and feel safe, welcomed and supported.

Self Esteem | Self Image

Self esteem begins developing early in life. There are different contributing factors throughout our lives that change how we feel about our ourselves and the way we feel the world views us. Self esteem counseling is the best investment you can give yourself to improve that self image and your quality of life.

Self Harm

This can be anything from self sabotage, cutting, sucidial thoughts, and other self injurious behaviors. Call 911 if you are in immediate danger! Please call me right away so may develop an individualized safety plan to help keep you safe.

A little more about Megan Corrieri

I was born and raised in Minnesota. I recently relocated with my family to Frisco TX in 2019. I am enjoying the overall warmer temps of Texas and all the southern hospitalities it has to offer. Voyage Dallas wrote up a fun story about me and how I got into Counseling & Therapy back in 1991. Another fun story that gets a little bit more into my life and my quirks as well as some helpful information locally, I recommend giving the Shoutout DFW feature a read.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, fishing and dancing (Zumba!) My personality and therapy style is very warm, friendly, caring, funny and non-judgemental. You will feel comfortable and relaxed while working with me, which will create an optimal work environment for life changes to happen. I am excited to have transitioned to beautiful North Texas. And I am thrilled to begin helping those in my community and surrounding areas.

I started my career in 2005 caring for underserved community members through various non profit and charitable organizations. Upon graduation with my undergraduate degree, I began working as an intern within a prominent mental health institution, CORE Professional Services. Noted for my likeable demeanor, great work ethic and proven results, I was brought in as a full time therapist. I worked with Core until 2018. At CORE I specialized in adult, individual therapy and ran and oversaw other counselors in group sessions. From 2018 on, I began to work at a Pediatric Clinic in Sartell MN. Since starting NorthStar Frisco Counseling & Therapy, I continued my practice by working with adolescents and adults in an individual manner. I truly am a full service therapist to help individuals, couples and families reach their goals. In 2022, Living Magazine recognized NorthStar Counseling & Therapy as the premier mental health clinic in Frisco, distinguishing it as a leader in the healthcare industry. I would love to help you, contact me today to get a free consultation!