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Below is a list of FAQ’s relating to Counseling & Therapy.
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You can expect to feel comfortable the first session. Our number one goal is to establish that connection in which you feel completely comfortable working with us. This provides the optimum environment for us to begin helping you be your best self.

The are some pros and cons to using insurance. It’s important to note that insurance may or may not be the best option for you. 

Insurance providers require we submit a diagnoses to them regarding our sessions. They do not allow us to bill without one. Medical records stay on your file for life.  Personally we do not like the invasion of privacy insurance companies request of us. That’s why it’s important to know you have alternative options.

Insurance’s also can potentially drive the treatment plan. This may not always be the best option for your needs. After all, we are all different and it’s not uncommon for us to need specialized treatment.

Some insurers may raise your premiums on life insurance. In some cases your insurance may not cover your specific treatment needs. This is why it’s important to talk with us first so we can assess your situation thoughtfully.

If somoene is concerned about cost, we will try to work out a solution that is more suitable for their needs. We are here to help our community. Give us a call at (214) 494-0737 or click to schedule a free 15 minute confidential consultation so we can find the best solution for you.

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, we have been forced into offering Telehealth only. The good news as a result of this, we have been able to cut our rates and pass those office space savings on to you. We do hope to be able to go into our offices again soon!

Northstar Counseling offers a 24 hour cancellation policy. As long as you cancel your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your appointment there is no fee guaranteed. Inside of 24 hours, cancellations are on a case by case basis.

Northstar Counseling Services are in high demand. We usually can schedule new patients inside of a week. We try to leave a few time slots open for emergencies and new patients. Give us a call at (214) 494-0737‬ or schedule a time directly via this portal and let us know your circumstances, we will work on scheduling you in.

Our professionals at Northstar Counseling are licensed and credentialed therapists. All therapists are certified by their state’s board to provide services. However, while the service may have similar benefits and is getting better every day with more interactive software. It’s not capable of substituting traditional face-to-face therapy sessions in every case. This is usually dependent on an individuals situation such as court orders or prescription fulfillment. Our professionals can help work with your primary care givers if you so choose in order to help fulfill those needs.

We have teamed up with a private yet very secure video service similar to that of Messenger or Skype where you can talk to your counselor face to face. This software, unlike the services above provides an end to end encryption only accessible by you and your provider in real time. This means that now where outside of those two connnections can your conference be accessed. Our software can not be recorded. If you wish to have your sessions recorded, you will have to do so from your end externally. You can of course request a copy of your sessions notes at any time however.

There are pros and cons in using an Employee Assistance Program a.k.a EAP.  A good short read that discusses these in more detail can be found here. It’s best to give us a call so we can discuss your needs and position openly and confidentially. In some cases we may refer you to another provider that can help you in this area. You can reach us at 214-494-0737 or simply click the schedule online for a free 15 minute confidential appointment that’s convenient for you.

This really depends on the individual and diagnoses. As you know, each individual will vary in their needs and respective treatment. Some will feel much better after just a few sessions. Others may need to stick to a continued program. This is completely up to you.

We are totally obsessed with your privacy! Our state of the art technology and infrastructure ensures your data is always protected and secure. This is also one of the many reasons we do not bill insurance. They require we disclose your life and session history along with a diagnosis. Not only is that a dangerous road for treatment, it can be a very unsecure situation for you with employment and otherwise. We find it best that our sessions remain 100% confidential between client and therapist. Beyond that, it is 100% up to you whether or not you want to disclose anything to anyone else.

You can remain anonymous to us if you wish. You may choose a nick name or alias you wish us to call you by. When you decide to start the counseling process, we will ask you for emergency contact information. We will keep that safe in the system under your anonymous alias. Only if your counselor believes you may be at a great harm to yourself or someone else will they use that emergency contact to check on your well being.

Yes we can work with your HSA provider. 

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